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Born from the need to break things, the Irwin VISE-GRIP Demolition concept is the combination of demolition’s most popular tools into one complete package.


The handheld tool is easily portable, offers the gripping power of the classic VICE-GRIP, and utilizes Irwin GroovelockTM technology for easy adjustment while smashing through the toughest challenges.  

This project was developed in partnership with IRWIN Tools through a sponsored studio program. Concepts were developed with collaboration with industry experts from engineering, marketing, and design backgrounds.

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP demolition tool is meant to be the multi-tool of destruction. It provides the user with a crowbar, sledgehammer, locking pliers, and quick adjust wrench all in one convenient package.

The unique product offering was developed as a brand diversification exercise intended to propel the company into a new competitive role in a readily accessible transition category.

3D model was created in using Rhino and printed on a Zcorp machine.

The tool construction consists of a forged steel body and comfortable grip to give it the strength to last through the work day.

Unique features provide all the necessary capability to tackle the largest deconstruction  and demolition tasks.

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