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Originally from Oxford, Georgia, Marshall Dean is an industrial designer currently working as an industrial designer with a firm in Beverly, Massachusetts. Marshall has received degrees in engineering from Georgia Perimeter College and industrial design from Appalachian State University.  Some academic recognition includes multiple Dean’s Lists and a student superlative award. In 2010, Marshall exhibited “Junction,” a furniture concept, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. 2011 saw the High Point Market debut of “Tumbleweed,” a furniture piece produced in cooperation with GroovyStuff. Future plans include a continuing passion for consumer products, housewares, and sustainable design. Hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, art, and computers/technology.


As an Industrial designer with an engineering background, I find myself passionate about usability and function. I believe that “looks aren’t everything,” meaning that a product without proper function, no mater how beautiful, serves no purpose. However, my true skill as an industrial designer lies in the ability to marry a product’s essential functions and inherent beauty together in order to create an innovative product that resonates within people’s lives.

I enjoy applying design methods to creatively re-think problems, products, and processes. I am focused on providing quality designs through materials application, design empathy, end user research, and aesthetic development.

With a diverse skill set, sharp learning ability, desire for new experiences, and personal motivation, I make a highly beneficial addition to any team.

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