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Starting my career as an intern at Bubba Brands, I was given the task of redesigning the lid on their current HERO line of bottles. Seeking to gain retail success among women, a key demographic, focus group data exposed an overlooked issue with the original lid.

Our setback arose from the peculiar problem caused by a neglect of human factors. As the user drinks, the vent seal would touch the tip of the nose and transfer moisture, leading to makeup removal and dilemma.

I was tasked to rethink the lid so that it would elevate and blend with current aesthetic, and offer better function for their on-the-go users.

<--- the culprit

Poor design...

Development of the new lid hinged on using the information learned in the focus group to drive the form of the new lid flapper.

Care had to be take in order to ensure that the lid’s improved interaction did not counteract the visual brand language that was previously established.

Product ideation progressed through sketching, SolidWorks CAD, and KeyShot rendering.

The solution  --->

Through the proper application of human factors research and empathetic design, I was able to achieve a brand conscious and female friendly solution for the new line of HERO tumbler travel containers.

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